Cloud services are on the rise!

It is easy to misconfiugure settings, forget about vulnerabilities, and leave services/data exposed to the internet. Even if a malicious hacker does not take your data, an internet web-crawler will definely collect the exposed data; and the internet is full of web crawlers.

Static & Dynamic Tests

Enumerating your cloud environment, policies, and services to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps that put your organization at any kind of risk. We will measure the impact of the any identified vulnerbilities found, determine how to leverage access obtained via exploitation, and deliver a clear report.

Implementating Best Practices

We will deliver and implement clear and actionable remediation/migition information to provide best practices in maintaining visibility of your organization's cloud environment.

Tailored Tests

While we run our automated cloud tests, simultaneously, we will also manually test all the configurations and settings of your cloud environment; and manually tailor our custom scripts to fit your model. Ensuring nothing is amiss.