In-depth analysis, determine risks & identify vulnerabilities.

What data if lost, stolen, or compromised would have the greatest impact on your organization? This is always our very first question. We focus on your unique needs instead of just “winning” the penetration test. This is won't be a standard penetration test, it is customized for your organization.

Internal Network Tests

Performing port scans, vulnerability scans, and testing for all computers, devices, databases and networking equipment on in-scope networks.

Tailored Tests

Enumerating your systems and services to identify vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk.


Assessing the scan results to identify security score factor and the level of risk it poses.


Validating the scan results to remove false positives by manually verifying the results, and assess the discovered vulnerabilities.


Documenting and mapping the results, findings, artifacts, and technology stack during the engagement for future reference.


Reporting on the issues that actually pose an actual risk to your organization. A small compromise can have big consequences, so clear documentation of the findings and mitigations is necessary.